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How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone – To Get More Storage

Hw to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

All iPhone and iOS devices are preloaded with a Photos app, which lets you manage the images and videos that you’ve shot or downloaded.

Photo albums are ideal for organizing images or videos taken during excursions or other occasions. But when it comes time to delete the photos, it could become a challenge.

Third-party applications automatically create albums of photos on your iPhone from the images you share within the application. This is particularly common for social media applications such as Instagram or Twitter.

Deleting iPhone albums is a fantastic option to free up additional storage space and eliminate the amount of clutter. This article will explain how to delete photo albums from your iPhone.

How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

Please follow these setups to delete photo albums on your iPhone.

  1. Tap on Photo App

  2. Now Tap on Albums Tap from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Here you need to click on See All option
  4. Click on Edit

  5. Now tap on the red circle icon to delete the album
  6. A confirmation message will appear Click on Delete Album
  7. Desired Album has been Deleted

IMPORTANT! After you have deleted the photo album, the photo will remain in the Library Section. If you’d like to remove it, make sure you delete it from this.

Also, Remove photos from the Recently Delete Section to get more free storage.

You’ve removed photos from iPhone albums and cleared some extra room on your iPhone. Be sure to share this post through social media platforms to teach your loved ones how to delete albums from their iPhones!

If you have any additional concerns about your iPhone, you can leave them in the comment section below.



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