BlackBerry Juno alleged image proposals by TCL UX designer appear online

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What appears to be design proposals for a device called the “BlackBerry Juno” has been spotted by Reddit user NightFuryToni.

A UX designer on LinkedIn, who claims to work for TCL Corporation, published a portion of her portfolio, and within this portfolio, is a slide for her Juno proposals.

BlackBerry Juno is a rumoured upcoming BlackBerry-branded device to be manufactured by TCL.

Now considering that these are proposals, there is no way to state whether they are old proposals which never saw the light of day, or new proposals that may or may not be accepted.

The images show another potential physical keyboard, along with a new camera app and a focus on privacy for users. The space bar is illuminated when the fingerprint icon appears on screen and the Blackberry Juno will have a new feature called Jolt.

Jolt mode apparently will optimize charging time by minimizing your phone’s power usage while it’s plugged in. During this phase, Email, messaging and other apps that require syncing may not update unless you open them. There are Jolt time settings, automatic airplane mode, and a percentage when to end Jolt mode.

BlackBerry Juno alleged image proposals by TCL UX designer appear online

Looking at the other images, it would appear that Blackberry are adding a private capture mode and a business card mode to the camera. There also seems to be a new file manager being added. There is also  mention of “private folder” at the bottom of the file manager. This could be similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder.

The designer states on her LinkedIn page that her past experience include:

“Coordinate the overall docking and UX work of the BlackBerry JUNO project. Offer design conception and design list proposal based on BlackBerry strict security rules and TCL communication commercial strategy. Design some new function including Private folder/capture; LED notification; Convenience key; Screenshot, etc.”