BBM is currently having “problems”

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UPDATE: Whether this was due to BlackBerry preparing for the release of cross-platform BBM v2 or a server issue is unclear. However, the problem appears to be resolved.[divider]

We are receiving tons of reports that BBM is currently having issues related to sending and receiving messages.

Most users are reporting that the issues revolve around sending messages to other platforms.

For example, if you are on Android you can send to other Android devices with no problems but not to iOS users. Similarly if your using iOS.

We do know that BBM for iOS and BBM for Android version 2 are due to be released, so with a bit of luck, it may be that BlackBerry are working on the systems in preparation for these releases.

We will keep you updated as news comes in.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]