Fleet Complete and BlackBerry partner for shippers and carriers to advance cargo and trailer monitoring with BlackBerry Radar

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BlackBerry and Fleet Complete have entered into a reselling partnership that will expand Fleet Complete’s current fleet tracking and monitoring solution. This is especially good news for the transportation and logistics industry, as fleet managers will now have the most aggregate view of operations in near real-time.

The expanded solution enables better asset capacity management for carriers, allowing for digital freight brokering, and incorporates the environmental conditions of trailers and containers in a single interface.

“Our customers have a very diverse range of needs that we strive to cater to and, by partnering with BlackBerry, we have expanded the capabilities that are available to them through our expansive IoT platform,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete.

“With the addition of BlackBerry Radar, we now offer our customers, especially carriers and shippers, the most holistic solution on the market.”

BlackBerry Radar is an Internet of Things (IoT)-based system that monitors the location of trailers via GPS and delivers custom, real-time alerts about events such as when a truck has crossed a user-defined area or when a trailer door has opened or closed. BlackBerry Radar also monitors temperature, humidity and the presence of cargo and provides real-time information on an intuitive, secure and easy to use interface.

Fleet Complete and BlackBerry partner for shippers and carriers to advance cargo and trailer monitoring with BlackBerry Radar

BlackBerry Radar was designed to address the gaps in transportation and logistics management relating to cargo and trailer tracking. This unique sensor technology monitors critical trailer conditions and actions that are indispensable for your regulatory compliance, specific client requirements and digital freight brokering: location, door state, cargo load state, temperature, pressure and humidity inside the trailer, vehicle motion, and miles driven. Now you are well equipped to run safer operations, grow your business and deliver the best customer service to your clients!

Comprehensive data is collected every 5 minutes by BlackBerry Radar’s state-of-the-art sensors. Based on this data, you can provide your customers with detailed reports, demonstrating the prescribed conditions under which their product has been delivered. In addition, you can receive instant alerts when sensor data is outside the prescribed parameters.

Fleet Complete and BlackBerry partner for shippers and carriers to advance cargo and trailer monitoring with BlackBerry Radar

BlackBerry Radar delivers accurate motion detection and mileage to support government initiatives, such as miles traveled taxes, road user charges, hours of service, and environmental regulations, such as carbon emissions. With GPS tracking providing near real-time location and the presence of cargo load detection, you are also able to optimize dispatch and wait times resulting in a greater return on investment.

BlackBerry Radar serves as a one-stop shop platform, integrated with Fleet Complete, providing a monitoring device, cellular connectivity, web-based applications, unlimited access and cloud-based intelligence. Using this platform, your data is always safe, being uploaded, processed and stored with BlackBerry’s best-in-class security technology. It will allow you to monitor business-critical information, perform spatial and time-based analysis, and visualize trends across trailers, fleets, routes, and yards.

The self-powered device requires no technical or computer expertise. It is easily installed with two screws, needing no wiring, and automatically receives all the necessary IT updates, improvements, and new features.

Designed specifically for trailer fleets, these powerful, interactive reports provide accurate, traceable data analysis and are instantly accessible from any web browser at any point in time. With this data intelligence, you can improve fleet utilization, reduce trailer pool by 7-12%, set measured operational performance and guide your business in the right direction.

“Fleet Complete and BlackBerry have a shared vision to accelerate the transformation of the logistics and supply chain industry,” said Philip Poulidis, SVP and GM of Radar , BlackBerry.

“Improving utilization and efficiency can only happen if you have continuous visibility into all assets in your transportation fleet. By working together, we will be able to unlock the excess shipping capacity due to logistics inefficiencies and improve the visibility into an entire fleet of both powered and unpowered assets.”