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Software is the new BlackBerry

BlackBerry 10 Cascades is here!

Cascades provides a fantastic experience for both developers as well as end-users. Native UI elements The Cascades SDK provides a full set of native UI elements which can easily be added to your applications: buttons, fields, text areas etc. Each of these elements will provide hooks to let you easily listen for any standard events (touch, click, toggle) and properties to allow you to customize them for your application needs. Develop using both QML declarative and C++ Whether you are a C++ guru, a declarative…

BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK Released!

The BlackBerry® 10 WebWorksâ„¢ SDK is now available for download! This is the first of many Beta releases to come over the summer as we head towards the official release of the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK. Eager web application developers should head right to the developer site, download the SDK, and see how we are continuing to provide a best-in-class web developer platform for BlackBerry 10. The BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK allows web developers to create first class BlackBerry applications using familiar…

BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device specs and features

With pictures and video now abundant of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha device, we thought we would have a look at the specs of the device. Before we go any further, we will once again remind you that the BlackBerry 10 Alpha device is NOT a BlackBerry 10 Phone. RIM has made this message loud and clear, yet people don’t seem to be listening: To be clear, this is not a BlackBerry 10 device. It’s the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. It includes a modified version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS which shows the path…

RIM Launches BlackBerry 10 Platform

Research In Motion today unveiled its vision for the BlackBerry 10 platform at the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, Florida and released the initial developer toolkit for native and HTML5 software development. The toolkit is available in beta as a free download. “BlackBerry 10 builds upon the core values and exceptional user experiences that have attracted more than 77 million BlackBerry customers around the world today,” said Alec Saunders, Vice President, Developer Relations and Ecosystems…

RIM Using Foursquare NFC for Prizes At Both BlackBerry World & BlackBerry 10 Jam

On Saturday, we told you that foursquare had been updated to 3.9.1 and that the ugrade included nfc usage for nfc-enabled blackberry devices. If you hven’t upgraded just yet, and are you are attending BlackBerry World 2012 or BlackBerry 10 Jam, then you really should upgrade now. According to Foursquare, RIM is going to be using the NFC sticker tech at both conferences to win prizes. So get on over to BlackBerry AppWorld and upgrade now and if you are a new user, dowload it. It is hghly recommended.

Porsche Design P’9981 Gets Official OS

For some peculiar reason, Porsche Design P’9981 users were left out of the recent batch of OS 7.1 updates. Considering the price of the smartphone, you would have thought it would have been at the head of the queue. However, version is now officially available courtesy of Mobily. If you are the proud owner of a Porsche Design P’9981, then head over to the BlackBerry site and upgrade your phone. NOTE: that you should select BOLD 9981 from the dropdown box. Download it from…

RIM Splits Off Beta Zone for Business

RIM sent out an email to many beta zone participants saying that they are creating a new sub-site called BlackBerry Beta Zone for Business specifically for business software and services. These programs were already in the existing beta zone but RIM seems to want to split them up and focus on each seperately. This is, hopefully, the beginning of RIM revitalising the Beta Zone, which is really in need of it. The Beta Zone needs a complete overhaul and we look forward to seeing what is coming. Once split, the two sites…

The risk factor rises at RIM

RIM filed the company's annual information form this week and it highlights a very changed company. The AIF is one of those mandatory regulatory filings. It's a typically dry overview of the company's business. But sometimes, it can provide insight..

BBM Party Event Stabbing

A man is in a serious condition in hospital after being stabbed in the neck at an event attended by singer Jessie J. Police were called to the event hosted by Rim at Bankside Vaults nightclub in Southwark, Central London, shortly after midnight.

Gloucestershire Police buy BlackBerry smartphones to remain mobile

HUNDREDS of police officers will be given BlackBerry's so they can do their paperwork while on the beat. Nearly 650 PCs and PCSOs across the county will be given the mobile phones to keep them on the streets. Officers will use the phones to carry out paperwork and update logs, jobs previously carried out from the office. It comes after the force closed and put up for sale 13 of its stations in a bid to hack £18 million from its budget. Katy Roberts, spokeswoman for Gloucestershire Police, said: “641 BlackBerry…