Red Leather LG G4 now available at Vodafone UK exclusively

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Vodafone UK has announced that the Exclusive Red Leather LG G4 is now available. Following on from the spectacularly successful LG G3, the G4 evolves upon everything its predecessor did so well. Alongside the upgrades to the processor and display, the G4 is far more power-efficient than its predecessor, so you’ll always get a solid day’s use out of your phone.

The camera in the LG G4 is a highly impressive piece of tech. This is the first time a phone has carried an F1.8 aperture – that’s professional quality camera tech that will allow more light into your shots, giving you incredible low-light performance.

Not only that, LG has given users access to all the photography settings you would expect from a good DSLR, so keen photographers can tinker with their shots to their hearts’ content. In short, this is a professional quality camera that lives in your pocket.

Red Leather LG G4 now available at Vodafone UK exclusively

The LG G4 is available now from £44 a month, which gets you unlimited calls, texts as well as a 4GB data allowance. You can pick up a subscription to NOW TV Entertainment, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV at no extra cost when you sign up to one of the Red Value 4G bundles, and that’s not all you get if you pick up the LG G4 with Vodafone, you’ll get a shiny gold case into the bargain as well.

The Red Leather LG G4 is available from Vodafone here.

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