5 Things to Consider before Buying a Teens Camera

There are many different cameras to choose from on the market and filtering through them can be time consuming. Recently I had to make a choice about what to get my son and found that deciding on a final camera wasn’t as easy as I first thought. I finally settles on Sony camera which is the Latest camera I bought for my teenagers birthday and made an excellent gift, one he still uses today.

There are many factors to consider before buying a new camera and here I will discuss 5 must-know tips before making any purchasing decisions. Things like storage space, Lens compatibility, lens and screen resolution, computing power and most importantly what and how do you intend to use the camera.

Think about Storage Space

Having the right amount of storage space is worth considering when factoring in getting a camera. There is a connection with pixels and quality, so the larger the photo the more memory will be used, so if this is your intention then having a larger storage capacity is a good idea. You can get anything from 36MB, 50MB or even up to 70MB with most cameras, so figure out what you need.

The Lenses Compatibility

Make sure to get lenses that are compatible and try to avoid picking a uncommon brand. This will make it easier to make additional upgrades of lenses and lens compatibility.

The resolution of the Lenses

Every photographer wants the latest tech and lens. There is however things to consider in terms of budget and how really do you intend to use the camera. Some people want to use their camera for quick captures not needing the top-notch camera.

The Cameras Power and Computing processing capability

The camera needs power and the more processing power the more advanced features it has. Jumping from 40-megapixel to 50-megapixel is a big leap and if you don’t have the processing power with your camera this will cause you problems.

What are you Looking to Capture?

There is a camera to suit everyone out their and before making a final pick you are always best deciding on what do you really intend to do with your camera. Outdoor camera photography is different from underwater, especially if you’re a nature lover and love getting scenic shoots, but worried about the elements. Pick one based on your intended use.