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Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow? What It Means & How to Fix

why my iphone battery is yellow

Are you seeing a yellow battery icon and wondering why my iPhone battery is yellow? Well, think no more about it since it mainly means that your iPhone has low power. In the article below, we will explain what it means and how you can fix the yellow battery icon back to a green one.

What does Yellow Battery mean?

Many people wonder ‘why my iPhone battery is yellow’? To break it down in simple words, here is what it means:

  • A yellow Battery in an iPhone means that your device has low power. That is to say that your iPhone is in Low Power Mode.
  • Low Power Mode in an iPhone helps to make your battery last longer. To illustrate, it changes some functionalities in your iPhone. For example, it temporarily stops the Hey Siri feature and lowers the brightness level.
  • Moreover, it also stops applications from refreshing. All these things help to extend the battery life of your iPhone. In fact, your battery stays working even longer than if the low power mode was turned off. Additionally, in new iOS versions, it automatically shuts off apps from refreshing. On the contrary, in previous versions, you had to do it manually.
  • Low Power Mode is beneficial in many ways. For instance, it saves your battery life and makes it last for hours on end. It keeps your power from decaying. So, a yellow battery icon isn’t always bad. Turning it on can be useful.

How to enable Low Power Mode?

If you want to turn on this mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings App
  2. Scroll to the option of Battery Settings
  3. Swipe the option to the right

This turns on the Low Power Mode. Furthermore, it will stay that way until your phone is at 100% battery. On the other hand, if you didn’t turn it on, the yellow battery will be there until your phone charges to a minimum of 80%.

How to fix the iPhone Yellow Battery?

If you don’t want to turn on Low Power Mode, it’s easy to switch it off. It’s not that much of a problem either. Follow these steps to turn off Low Power Mode:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. Swipe left on the Low Power Mode

This way, the yellow battery will be gone, and it will go back to green. However, if you do want to turn it on but don’t want to manually change it, it will turn off automatically when your phone is sufficiently charged. So, this way it will fix itself.

What if your iPhone’s battery is still yellow?

Sometimes, it so happens that even after turning it off, your iPhone’s battery still stays yellow. Hence, even if your battery power is high, it will still show. We will talk about what these reasons are and how you can fix them below:

1. Fast Battery Usage

Oftentimes, your iPhone loses power quickly. As a result, the yellow icon doesn’t go away either. If that’s the case with your iPhone, then it means that there are some issues with your iPhone. Specifically, fast battery usage. This means that your iPhone is experiencing battery issues even if it’s fully charged. And when it is charged, it runs out of battery very fast.

2. New Update

Another reason for the stuck yellow battery icon is commonly an update. To explain, your iPhone undergoes an update. After that, when you start the process of installation, a bug comes with it. This means that when your device updated and you installed the update, it wasn’t safe.

The update had a bug which is now installed in your iPhone as well. When the bug is present, it creates problems within the device. As a result, the bug can mess with your battery system. This is why the yellow battery icon doesn’t go away.

To solve this, try to find out what is causing this issue and remove it.

A common solution is to restart your iPhone. Restarting your device can cause any harmful applications, systems as well as updates to stop. This causes your device to start working smoothly again. Try simply restarting and if that doesn’t work, try to force restart.

3. Harmful Apps

Other than a system update, you might have installed some apps that were not secure. They could also release bugs in your device.

For this, try resetting your iPhone. This will erase all the apps and your iPhone will be new.

If you want to keep your data saved, make sure that you backup your iCloud. This will save all your personal data and you can get it back after resetting your iPhone.

Resetting will help remove all the apps as well as the bugs that came with them. Accordingly, the yellow battery icon will be fixed. However, if this doesn’t fix the problem too, read below.

4. Hardware Battery Problems

If these methods haven’t worked on your device, then it means that your device has hardware battery problems. This is why you’re still seeing the yellow icon. In this case, you should take your device to someone who fixes the hardware so that your battery problem gets solved.

An advantage is that this won’t remove any data like your photos, audio, video files, etc. Moreover, you don’t need to create a backup for your iPhone too. Just take it to an expert and they will fix the hardware battery issue. Resultantly, the yellow battery icon will get fixed.

Bottom line

The yellow battery icon isn’t in itself harmful. It’s useful for your device if it’s turned on. It saves battery life and makes it easy for you. However, if the problem is bigger than that, above are all the methods to fix the yellow battery. Follow all the methods and steps above to fix the yellow battery icon. The battery symbol will become green again and you won’t see the yellow battery sign again.



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