Liquid Has Been Detected in the Lightning Connector | How to Fix

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Were you recently swimming, while filming with your iPhone? Do you get a “Charging not Available” warning with a message of “liquid has been detected” on your iPhone? Sad! But no worries! You are going to fix this problem after reading this article.

Liquid detection warning usually pops up when you insert a charging cable in the lightning port of your iPhone (X, XR, or any iPhone running iOS 10 and later), as either the lightning cable is wet or there is some moisture in the charging port.

Apple came up with a built-in mechanism of detecting any trace of moisture with a new software update. And this warning is the Holy grail! Because charging your iPhone when it is wet can cause permanent damage to the lightning port, or cause connectivity problems. Therefore, if you see this alert, immediately disconnect your charger, unless there is an Emergency.

However, sometimes you can get this “liquid detected” alert even if your iPhone is dry as hell. Commonly, users of iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone SE2, iPhone 12 & 13 have reported this problem. They get this annoying alert out of nowhere, which makes access to their phone difficult.

So, in this article, I will explain how to deal with liquid that has been detected warning, when your iPhone or charging connecter has moisture, and when they both are completely dry. Furthermore, I will also tell you what methods of drying your iPhone are harmful. So, let’s begin.

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector | Types

You get this alert, when you connect a wet charging cable to your iPhone, or when the lightning port of your iPhone is moist. This alert is of two types with info on what should be your next action in such a case. You can get any of such messages:


In the first message, you will get a Charging not Available alert. It will warn you about liquid detection in the lightning port and recommend you to unplug your charger, and let your iPhone dry for several hours.


In the second type of this message, you will get Liquid detected in lightning connector alert. It will suggest you unplug and dry out your connector.

In both cases, you have the option of Emergency Override through which you can force charge your iPhone. however, going for this option is not recommended by the experts. In such a situation, a better option for you is to go for a wireless charger. Click here to learn more about wireless charging.

How to Fix “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”

Part one: when my iPhone or Charging cable is wet

Disconnect the charging accessory and dry out your iPhone

Do unplug your iPhone right after you see liquid detected warning on your iPhone. because if you will force continue charging, you can face serious connectivity issues, as well as permanent damage.

Now the next step is drying out your iPhone and charging connector. Follow these hacks:

Hack no 1: Power off your iPhone, and keep it on a dry and flat surface for at least 10-15 hours (Apple says that it can take “several hours”). Be patient and don’t use your iPhone during this time, as it can push liquid further inside.

Hack no 2: Put desiccants, also called drying agents, around your iPhone while drying it out. These desiccants are small white pouches that come in your new shoes’ boxes or purses.

Hack no 3: Hold your iPhone in a direction that charging port is downward so that it can drain out the liquid.

Hack no4: Hold your iPhone with its lightning port in a downwards direction, and gently tap on it using your hands. Finally, leave it in any dry place with airflow.

Also, dry your charging cable by keeping it in a dry place for many hours.

Finally, try charging your iPhone again by plugging in the charging cable. If you see the same warning again, then buy the drying process some extra time. It can even take 24 hours or more to dry out completely.

What should you not do to dry out the charging port and charging cable?

People often try several silly hacks to dry out their iPhones. Despite solving your problem, these hacks can do further damage to your iPhone. So, never do this to dry your iPhone:

  • Do not blow air into the charging port of your iPhone. because despite drying out the liquid it will push it inside furtherer.
  • Do not use a hairdryer, heating objects, or compressed air for the drying process. It will end up causing more damage to your iPhone.
  • Refrain from keeping your iPhone in a container of rice. People often do this thinking that rice will absorb moisture from your charging port. However, despite getting your phone dried, you can end up with rice grains stuck in the charging port.
  • Try not to insert any foreign object such as a cotton pad, earbud, or paper into the lightning port.

Part two: when my iPhone and charging cable is dry:

Sometimes, users of iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone SE2, iPhone 12 & 13 can get liquid detection warnings even when their charging port is dry.

Dismiss the warning

Carefully examine the charging port of your iPhone. if you don’t see any trace of moisture, then this alert is due to any software bug (especially, iOS 14). As we know that alert comes with the Dismiss and Emergency Override options. Hence, choose it, and get rid of this annoying warning.

Change your charger

Do you get a liquid detected warning whenever you connect the charging connector? It means that either your charger is damaged, or it’s of lower quality. Hence, change your current charger. Try using the original Apple charger or any other charger that is Apple-certified.

Charge iPhone early

This is a clever hack, and some users have reported that it works for them. Therefore, you must definitely give it a shot. To follow this hack, you only need to charge your iPhone earlier. Connect light connector before your phone’s battery is below 40%, it will resist liquid detected alert from popping up.

Try wireless charging

Instead of always connecting charging cable, go for wireless charging. If you frequently see a liquid detected alert, charge your iPhone with a wireless charger. You will only need a Mag safe charger, but this option is only available for users of iPhone 12 and later. In fact, you can also go for wireless charging, if there is moisture in your charging port for real.

Restart your iPhone if you are still getting alert

If liquid has been detected alert is still popping up on your display screen, restarting your iPhone is the next option. It is a great way of refreshing your iPhone and getting rid of minor software flaws. To restart:

If you have iPhone X or later: Hold down the volume key and side key simultaneously. When the slide to power off option appears, swipe it from left to right.

restart iPhone X, 11, 12, or 13
Image: Image:

If you have an iPhone 8 or Earlier: Hold and press the sleep/wake button on the right side of your iPhone. power off slider will pop up on your screen. Swipe it from left to right.


Wait for a while and turn on your iPhone by pressing down the Power key

Reset all settings on your iPhone

If you still want to get rid of that annoying liquid detected alert, then Reset All Settings of your iPhone. it will clear various bugs and software glitches from your iPhone including this one.

Go to Settings and opt for General. Now click on Reset and choose to Erase All Settings.


If you are using iOS 15, you will see the Transfer or Reset iPhone option on the general page. Tap on this option, and click on Reset.


Get a Professional Repair

If you still face the issue, even when you connect the original Apple charger. Then, it’s time to get a professional repair of the charging port for your iPhone. try contacting Apple Support.


After analyzing all the hacks of fixing liquid detected alerts, finally, we come to know how to fix such pity issues without visiting the market. So, now is the time to say Good-Bye to your such a minor headache “liquid detected” and enjoy your repaired iPhone.

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