iPhone Home Button Not Working – Best 8 Methods to Fix it

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We find ourselves in great hassle if our iPhone home button not working. It is a very frustrating situation for the people who are habitual of using the home button, as the main button through which they access their phone has just stopped working.

This problem becomes more common due pro-longed use of the iPhone, as it becomes more likely to attract more and more dirt, debris, and moisture, which can affect the functionality of the home button.

However, it is not a huge problem, as you can solve it quickly and easily. So don’t worry if your home button has just stopped working. Here I will be giving you detailed information regarding the best methods to fix the unresponsive home buttons effortlessly by yourself.

Best 8 Ways to Fix iPhone Home Button not Working

#1. Recalibrating the home button

Sometimes, overuse of phones might burden the processors which might lead to software flaws and cause lagging of the home button. Luckily, it can be fixed rapidly. In order to do this, restart your iPhone.

How to restart your iPhone:

Press and hold the power and volume button until the slide to power off option appears. Now slide the appeared button to turn off your phone. Finally, wait for a few minutes and turn it on again. Your home button will be fixed.

If this trick does not work, then you need to recalibrate the home button by following this method:

slide to power off iphone

  1. Open any default app, like calendar, clock, notes, etc.
  2. Press and hold the power button until the slide to power off option appears on the iPhone screen. Don’t turn off the iPhone.
  3. Now, Press and hold the home button until the slide to power off option disappears. Remember that, Your opened app will be closed automatically.

This process recalibrates the home button; potentially fixing its unresponsiveness.

#2. Reset the iPhone

If your home button is still not working then you should reset your iPhone to get the home button working immediately.

Before proceeding further, make sure to backup your iPhone on iCloud to avoid the loss of any important data.

How to reset your iPhone:

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Tap on General
  3. Scroll Down and select Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Finally, click on Erase All Content and Setting.

how to reset your iphone

For older IOS and iPhone Models Follow These setups:

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Tap on General
  3. Scroll Down and select Reset
  4. Finally, click on Erase All Content and Setting.

It will reset your iPhone to its default factory setting. Wait for a few minutes and turn on your phone and check whether your home button has started working again.

#3. Clean the Home Button


Over time dirt, soil, grease, debris, gather around the home button due to which it gets jammed. To fix this issue, you need to clean the home button by using 98.99 % isopropyl alcohol.

Begin with wiping the home button with a clean and dry cloth. Now take a tissue paper, cotton pad, or earbud and damp it with isopropyl. Now wipe off all the dirt and grime by rubbing the damped cotton pad on the home button.

Use light hands while cleaning the home button and keep clicking it so that alcohol can go deeper cleaning all the remaining dirt. This process will unclog the home button restoring its unresponsiveness.

#4. Insert Pressure on Home Button by using Charger

Another method of fixing the home button is by inserting some pressure on the button. iPhone home button is internally connected to the charging port and screen.

Due to overuse and physical damage caused by other factors such as dropping the iPhone, you may get your home button displaced or dislodged from its original position resulting in its ineffectiveness.

Insert Pressure on Home Button by using Charger

However, inserting a small amount of pressure around the home button can reconnect it to the charging port solving your basic problem.

For this method, insert the original charging cable into the iPhone. Now gently press the cable and push it towards the direction of the Home button while clicking the home button repeatedly. You need to be very careful during this process, for any wrong move can cause further damage.

#5. Update your iPhone

iPhone home button can also stop working due to the use of an outdated version of iOS. Running an outdated version can cause software glitches, hence causing the lagged home button. Therefore, you need to update your phone to the latest version of iOS.

How to Update your iPhone:


  1. Tap on Setting
  2. Then click on General
  3. Now click on the Software Updates and check for the pending updates
  4. if there is any update pending, ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection to download and install the update.
  5. Finally restart the iPhone to check if the problem has been fixed.

#6. Change Click Speed of iPhone Home Button

You can also fix your iPhone home button by changing its Click speed. Although this trick might not work for everyone, you should give it a shot. To use this trick, follow the below procedure.

How to change iPhone Home Button Click Speed:

  1. Go to the Setting
  2. Tap on General
  3. Click on Accessibility
  4. Scroll down and click on the Home Button
  5. Now change the Click Speed

#7. Switch to the On-Screen Home Button(AssistiveTouch)

If your home button is still not working despite trying all the above methods, then you should switch to the on-screen home button.

Apple has designed this especially for those people who face trouble using the physical button or they just don’t want to use it. The on-screen home button works exactly like a physical button, so it is definitely worth a try.

How to Turn on Assistive Touch

  1. Go to Settings
    setting app
  2. Tap on Accessibility
  3. Then Click on Touch
  4. Now Tap on AssistiveTouch
    Assistive Touch
  5. Click on Toggle to Turn on/off
    Assistive Touch
  6. A small circle will pop up on your screen.
    Assistive Touch icon

For older IOS and iPhone Models Follow These setups:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then select General
  3. Tap on Accessibility
  4. Then Click on AssistiveTouch
  5. Click on Toggle to Turn on/off
  6. A small circle will pop up on your screen.

#8. Professional Home Button Repair

If you don’t want to use the on-screen home button and want your physical home button back, then you should get professional home button repair.

For this take your iPhone to an official Apple store near your area. Their skilled technicians will look into the problem and fix it. They will either repair your home button or replace it with the new one. This whole process will not cost you any money if your iPhone is still under warranty.

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