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Do you want to give your iPhone little rest for some time? But, wait, are you unable to do so because your power/sleep/ wake button is not working? Chill out! You are exactly in right place.

Apple has designed iPhone in such a way that even when the power button isn’t working on your iPhone, you can easily turn it off via several other methods. So, in this article, I will be covering all these methods, and hopefully, by the end, you will know how to power off your iPhone without using the power button.

Why iPhone Power Button is Not Working?

The power button can stop working on your iPhone due to various reasons. Sometimes it might be due to a software glitch or bug. Other times, it can get broken due to physical damage caused by dropping the iPhone. Or, simply over time, the power button can get jammed due to overuse. One way or another, in the end, you can’t switch off your iPhone using a power or side button.

Before jumping right into the article, you should first diagnose whether your power button is unresponsive due to a software issue, or it is unresponsive due to a hardware problem.

  • To do so, you will have to perform a hard reset on your iPhone. it will clear all software flaws and bugs; hence your power button will start working again if there was a software issue.
  • However, if your power button is still unresponsive after the hard reset, it means that you have got a hardware issue (i.e., broken or faulty components). And, you can only fix it by getting a professional repair.

But there are various other alternatives of shutting down your iPhone as well other than the physical side button. Therefore, let’s discuss those alternatives and ways through which you will be able to turn off your iPhone without even using the power button.

How to Turn Off iPhone Without Power Button

Follow the below-mentioned ways to force shutdown your iPhone without a power button.

1. Power Off Your iPhone via Settings

No worries if your power or side button is damaged or broken. For, you can switch off your iPhone via a Setting app on your iPhone. Apple introduced this feature originally in iOS 11. Hence if your iPhone is running iOS 11 or later software follows these steps:

  1. Tap on Setting
  2. Now, click on General
  3. Scroll down and select Shut Down
  4. Slide to power off will be appear
    Slide to power off
  5. Slide left to right and your iPhone will be turned off

2. Power Off Your iPhone Via Assistive Touch

Assistive touch is an exquisite feature designed by Apple that allows users to access their iPhones in various short and fun ways. After enabling this feature, you will get a digital/virtual button on your iPhone screen. Via this digital button, you can quickly turn off your iPhone if your side button is not responding.

How to Turn on Assistive Touch

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Accessibility
  3. Then Click on Touch
  4. Now Tap on AssistiveTouch
    Assistive Touch
  5. Click on Toggle to Turn on/off
    Assistive Touch
  6. A small circle will pop up on your screen.
    Assistive Touch icon

Apart from shutting down your iPhone, you can use this digital button for various functions as well such as rotating the screen and adjusting the volume. It simply gives you access to your iPhone without using physical buttons.

After Turning on Assistive Touch Follow these setups to turn off your iPhone.

  1. Tap on Assistive Touch
    Assistive Touch icon
  2. Now, select Device
  3. Pree and Hold Lock Screen option to turn off your iPhone.

3. Can Siri Power off my iPhone?

This is the frequently asked question that whether the virtual assistant Siri can turn off your iPhone.

Sadly, the answer is No, Siri can’t turn off your iPhone if it is running iOS 14 or later. when you command Siri to shut down your iPhone, it says: “That may be beyond my abilities at the moment”.

That may be beyond my abilities at the moment

Hence, there is a hint that it could be possible in the future. Let’s hope Siri gets that ability so that we can turn off our iPhone just by commanding Siri.

4. Get Professional Repair to Your Power Button

Are you tired of going into the set just to turn off your iPhone, and want your physical power button back? Then getting a professional repair should be your next step. Their skilled technicians will easily solve your issue by restoring the working potential of your power button. If your iPhone is still under warranty, start by setting up an appointment at your nearest Apple Store.

How to Turn On iPhone Without Power Button

Now that your iPhone is turned off, you might be wondering that how to turn it on again, since your power/side button is broken or jammed. No worries, Apple has designed iPhone in such a way that it will be turned on automatically when you will connect it to a power source.

Hence, if you want to turn on your iPhone, grab your charger and start charging your iPhone. Or connect your iPhone to a laptop or computer through a lightning connection. Once connected to a power source, the Apple logo will pop up on your screen and your iPhone will turn back on.

Bottom line

iPhone users can often face the problem of stuck buttons which make access to their Phones difficult. However, this is not a problem anymore if the Assistive touch is enabled on your iPhone. So, I hope, now you have successfully learned to turn off your iPhone via Settings or Assistive touch without even using the physical power button.

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