How to Set Timer on iPhone Camera – Simple Way to Set Timer

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Taking photos from the phone is compulsory when you meet your friends and family at any event.

However, one person is always missing while taking photos, and you’re considering how you can add him to your family photo collection.

So, Apple makes it easy for us by adding a timer function in our iPhone camera to take a photo without any hassle.

How to Set Timer on iPhone Camera

Please follow these setups to take photos on your iPhone using a camera timer.

  1. Tap on Camera App
    Open Camera App
  2. Swipe Up for showing hidden camera options
  3. Now you can see the other camera option, Here you need to tap on the Timer icon
  4. Select your desired time
  5. if the Timer icon can be Yellow, that’s mean the timer has been on
  6. Now, click on the camera shutter button
  7. A timer is running on the right bottom area
  8. After completing the timer camera take the 10 burst photos to give you an excellent shot
  9. You can click on the Select option to choose the perfect photo from burst photos.
  10. To turn off the camera timer, just click on the Off option in the timer setting
IMPORTANT! For a perfect photo, you need to set iPhone on a tripod or any place where iPhone is in a still position.

How to stop Burst Photos on iPhone

Truly speaking, there is no way to turn it off from the iPhone camera setting. But there is some glitch to avoid iPhone burst shots.

For avoiding burst photos just turn it on Live Photo when the timer is on.

Feel free to contact us if you have any issues by following this setup. Also, share your important feedback using our comments section.

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