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How to Send the Fireworks Screen Effect in iPhone iMessage


Great to add iPhone screen Effect on the message when you wish Happy new year in 2022.

With iOS 10.1, Apple adds and improves many new features in the iMessage App. Screen Effects is my favorite feature, this feature allows users to send messages with Fireworks, Confetti, Balloons, and many other screen effects.

These screen effects can only work on iPhone 6 or earlier iPhone models, those running with iOS 10.

How to add Fireworks to your iMessages

Please follow this setup to add Fireworks to your Messages:

  1. Open Your iMessage App
    imessage app
  2. Click on the New Message icon
    create new message
  3. Type & Select Your Contact
    select contact
  4. Type Your Message
    Type Message
  5. Now, Tap and Hold Down the Green Up Arrow United the Effect Screen Appears
    Green Arrow Button
  6. Tap on Screen Option
  7. Now, Swipe Right to left to check and select Fireworks Effect
  8. Finally, Click on Green Up Arrow to send it

IMPORTANT! If you don’t see some Screen Effects in your message, then turn off the Reduce Motion option in your setting.

Please repeat the same upper mentioned process to add Balloons Screen Effects on your iPhone iMessage.

Other Screen Effects: Echo, Spotlight, Balloons, Confetti, Love, Lasers, Celebration.


Let us know which screen effect is your favorite in our comments section. Cheers



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