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Are you constantly seeing “Update Apple ID Settings” on your iPhone? If so, you’re not the only one. Many iPhone users get this notification, and it doesn’t usually go away.

No matter what you do, it stays stuck in the form of a red circle with a ‘1’ inside. In this case, we will go through many steps below to fix this. You can look at our recommended options to remove the “Update Apple ID Settings”’ notification.

Is the notification stuck?

Actually, yes. Unluckily this notification has been stuck for two years, since 2020. So, if you are seeing this notification stuck in your iPhone, it might be because of that. However, you don’t need to worry because there are many ways to resolve this issue. Firstly, we need to know some other causes of this frozen alert.

Why doesn’t the notification go away?

There are many reasons for it to be stuck in place. Typically, iPhone users only need to put in their Apple ID password. It gets fixed instantly. However, in rare cases, this is not enough to do. The notification doesn’t go away even after re-entering the password. Other reasons for this can be due to:

  • Apple iPhone not updated correctly
  • Apple ID information not fully entered
  • Apple ID information expired
  • Recent iOS version update on iPhone

You might also have changed your iPhone’s password. Consequently, it had an effect on your Apple ID since your Apple ID is related to it. So, if you change your password, your Apple ID also gets affected.

Almost all apps on your iPhone are also connected by your Apple ID password so you might also have trouble using them. As a result, they might not be accessible. You will need to sign in with your password again.

Similarly, it can also be that you changed the face for your Face ID. In the same way, if you changed your fingerprints for Touch ID, you might get a problem like this. Hence, when you face this issue, simply tap Settings, and click on the notification. Tap on continue and type your password. Then, the notification will be removed.

Sometimes though, an error occurs, and this simple method doesn’t work. It is because your verification failed to happen. On the other hand, the stuck notification is often caused by a bug in iOS.

Thus, to solve these problems, you have to try several ways to erase the notification. Let’s learn about these methods:

How to Fix Update Apple ID Settings

1. Check your Apple ID

It’s common that iPhone users often make a mistake while signing in. It could be that they are trying to log in with another Apple ID account. It’s also caused by entering the wrong password.

Tap on Settings and quickly check your name at the top to see if you’re signing in to the right ID. If you aren’t, you can look at the center of your screen. It will show you the Apple ID you were trying to log into. So, you can match both and make sure.

2. Sign Out and Sign in gain your Apple ID

Once you’ve made sure that you were logging into the correct ID, try to sign out and then sign in again.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Go to Apple ID
  3. Scroll down to the option where it says Sign Out
  4. Put in your password and tap on Turn Off

Secondly, tap on Sign Out. This step is optional but if you don’t want to lose data you can tap on the option Keep A Copy Of. After this, tap Sign Out once again.

  1. You’ve successfully signed out now.
  2. Tap on Sign in your iPhone in Settings.
  3. Put in your email and password then tap on the Sign In option.
  4. Again, this is also optional, but you can combine your data with iCloud.
  5. Tap Merge if you want to keep your data.

3. Check iCloud

Sometimes this notification is there because iCloud services are undergoing maintenance or a new update. Therefore, your Apple ID won’t let you log in because of safety concerns. Check your Apple System’s status to see if your iCloud is going through changes.

4. Restart your iPhone

For many iPhone users, restarting your iPhone solves the problem. So restart your phone and it most probably will go away. You can also force restart your phone but do make sure to do that before looking at other solutions.

5. Check Payment Area

Check if your payment options such as debit, credit cards, etc. are expired. Hence, it is important to update it with recent information.

  1. Tap on Settings and then on your name.
  2. Tap the option of Payment and Shipping.
  3. Put in your password and the new information.
  4. On the contrary, if you don’t have a payment method, you can just select ‘None’.

6. Update your iPhone

Commonly, this notification is caused after updating your phone but if you haven’t already updated it, do it now. Additionally, if the notification is there because of something else, updating your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS will still help.

Tap Settings on your iPhone and go to General. Click on Software Update. Tap on Download and Install to carry this out. If the file is already downloaded, tap on Install Now.

7. Reset Settings

Resetting will also help in removing the notification. However, it won’t get rid of your data like audio files, videos, photos, etc. But some manual settings that you might have changed yourself since using your phone will reset.

To reset all the settings, tap on the Settings icon and then General. Go to the bottom and select Reset. Tap on the option where it says Reset All Settings. In this step, you will need to verify your iPhone password. Tap confirm after you have verified it.

Bottom Line

These are all the solutions to getting rid of the notification. Be sure to try the methods and the notification will surely be removed.

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