How to Clear Cache on iPhone for Safari and iOS Apps

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Are you suffering from slow browsing and low performance of your iPhone apps? Then, don’t worry about it. You can get rid of these issues by deleting or clearing your browser and app cache.

Apple provides several options to iPhone users to clean cache Safari or any other iOS apps.

If you remove the cache on Safari, this means that all the images, files, passwords, and scripts that you have previously visited will be erased.

Clearing the cache of Safari and other apps will be increasing the speed and performance of your iPhone by removing the unnecessary application data.

Note: Must note down all your saved passwords and website data. Because after cleaning the cache, all data will be trashed and can’t be restored.

How to clear cache, history, and cookies on Safari

Please follow this step-by-step guide to “Clear History and Website Data“.

  1. Open Setting App.Clear Cache -01
  2. Now scroll down and click on the Safari icon.Clear-Cache-02
  3. Again scroll down click on Clear History and Website Data.Clear-Cache-03
  4. A confirmation popup will appear to click again on Clear History and Website Data to clear the Safari cache.Clear-Cache-04

If you want to remove websites history and cookies Then click on Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove All Website Data.

How to clear the cache on iPhone for apps

In apple languages, apps clearing cache is called offloading. Offloading the app means your app will be removed, but your documents and data will be saved. You can restore it any time by installing it again.

So, let start with how you can clear the cache on iPhone for apps.

  1. Tap on the setting icon.
    Clear Cache -01
  2. Now select General.Clear-app-Cache
  3. Click on iPhone Storage.Clear-app-Cache
  4. Now select your desired App.Clear-app-Cache
  5. After opening the app box select offload App.Clear-app-Cach
  6. A confirmation popup will appear to click again on offload App.Clear-app-Cache

You can easily clear any app cache by using our above-mentioned steps.

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