Top Technologies That Can Save the Environment

The need of the hour is to save the planet and keep our environment safe. Our resources are fast dwindling and unless we adopt new technologies all the energy needs of the planet will not be met. Here are a few technologies that are striving to make a difference:

  1. Ocean cleanup drive: Invented by Boyan Slat the device collects plastic floating freely on the ocean surface and accumulated in a place that is anchored to the seabed. This invention hopes to not only clean the ocean by also save marine animals from the plastic menace.
  2. Eco-friendly organic batteries: The traditional batteries are not safe for the environment hence the US Department of Energy’s department on Advanced Research Projects Agency is devising organic batteries that can store more energy but are environmentally friendly. These batteries are also cheap as they rely on organic molecules for ingredients.
  3. Thermo-Depolymerization: The conventional methods of drilling for oil depletes the earth’s natural resources and the process of filtering the oil leads to toxic emissions into the atmosphere. But with Thermo depolymerization, practically anything can be converted to oil and this will reduce on the strain on earth’s fast depleting oil reserves.
  4. Pollinating drones: With the rapidly changing weather patterns and climate the natural pollinators are getting destroyed and this has necessitated the creation of artificial pollinators like the pollinating drones which carry pollen between plants.
  5. Renewable energy: With fossil fuels becoming less by the day there is an emergence of alternate energy sources that are cheap but equally efficient. Technology has ensured that we harness the power of the Sun, wind, and water to produce solar, wind and hydropower respectively.

Thus, we see that the need of the hour is to turn to products that are efficient yet safe for the environment. You can find out more about such vehicles at Motorizedrides.