Samsung moves 500 software engineers from mobile division

Rapid Mike
Posted on September 25, 2014, 12:10 pm
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Samsung has moved 500 software engineers from its mobile division to “to enhance our competitive edge in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and increase synergies for the Tizen platform.”.

Samsung is hoping its mobile software engineers can work some of their magic in its other divisions. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the company said 500 software engineers will be moved to its electronics, TVs, network, printer and corporate software R&D departments in an effort to strengthen Samsung’s “overall software prowess.” What Samsung really wants, though, is to further Tizen.

It’s clear company has high hopes for Tizen and is hoping that redistributing software engineers from its mobile unit will help Tizen flourish on other form factors.

The WSJ reports that by last year’s count, Samsung had 40,506 software engineers, and the company hasn’t provided any breakdown on how those engineers are distributed amongst its various divisions. Still, it’s safe to assume Samsung’s mobile division won’t exactly miss 500 engineers. Especially since the company has no plans to ditch Android in favour of an all Tizen approach.

The area of IoT is probably where Tizen has the most room for growth. While the wearables segment has yet to really mature.
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