Create or upgrade the BES12 database manually using CreateDB

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In some situations, BES12 admins may need to create or upgrade the Management database manually instead of using the BES12 Installer.

Note:: To create the BES12 database manually, it’s necessary for Java RE 7.0 to be installed on the server where the CreateDB tool is used.

To create a new BES12 database or upgrade an existing BES5 database to BES12 schema, perform the following steps:

  1. If the database exists already and is being upgraded, a SQL backup should be taken before proceeding with the upgrade .
  2. Unzip the BES12 installer package.
  3. Ensure Java RE v. 7.0 is installed.
    JRE 7.0 (jre.exe) can be found in ‘BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12.0.X\tools\ext’
  4. Browse to ‘\BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12.0.1\tools\ext\UnlimitedJCEPolicy’
  5. Copy local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar into ‘<java_install_dir>\jre7\lib\security’.
    Note: If local_policy.jar is already present in the Security folder, it should be replaced with the one from the BES12 install.
  6. Browse to ‘\BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12.0.X\db’ in the unzipped BES12 software.
  7. Edit and update it accordingly with the SQL environment details:
    • SQL server name
    • Database Name
    • Authentication
    • Credentials
    • Port
      Note: If Windows Trusted Authentication (INTEGRATED) is used and server is running BES12 version 12.0, the AD user along with the Domain has to be specified in the relevant field;
      (for example:\BESAdmin).
      This does not apply on BES12 version 12.1 and later since is no longer required.
    • Open Command Prompt.
  8. Complete one of the following applicable steps:
    • To create a new BES12 database:
      Type ‘CreateDB.bat install’, and hit Enter.
    • To upgrade an existing BES5 database to BES12 schema:
      Type ‘CreateDB.bat upgrade’, and hit Enter.
Create or upgrade the BES12 database manually using CreateDB

Once the database is created, the BES Administrator can install BES12:

  1. Log in using the BESAdmin account.
  2. Launch BES12 setup and install BES12.

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