Can’t find BlackBerry Apps in Apple App Store?

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iOS users who are performing a search for any BlackBerry related software on the App Store are discovering that they will not find the Apps they are looking for.

BlackBerry apps that are impacted include but may not be limited to BES12 Client, Work Connect for BES12, Work Browser for BES12, Work Security ID for BES12, BlackBerry Blend, BBM, SecuSUITE for Enterprise, WatchDox and Documents To Go for BES12.

At the time of publishing, BlackBerry Technical Support are engaging Apple Developer Support to rectify this issue.

Until this situation is rectified, BlackBerry have released the following three workarounds:

Workaround 1
Using Safari, locate the required app using the Developer id BlackBerry Limited.

Workaround 2
Users can perform a search in Safari for the desired App, i.e. ‘BES12 Client app store’ or ‘Work Browser for BES12 app store’ – the ‘iTunes’ results will take users directly into the Apple App Store where all Good-related software can be found.

Workaround 3
Users can be sent the below URL links that will take them to the relevant software application:


BES12 Client

Work Connect for BES12

Work Browser for BES12

Work Security ID for BES12

SecuSUITE for Enterprise


Documents to Go for BES12 (By DataViz, Inc.)

BlackBerry Blend
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