Ed Milliband “downgraded” from iPhone to BlackBerry for the limited functionality

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Talking to Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd, Ed Miliband says the he gave up his iPhone and switched to BlackBerry to avoid criticism online.

Mr Miliband said as Labour leader he used to use an iPhone, but gave it up for a BlackBerry because he spent too much time reading tweets and political commentary

The good thing about a BlackBerry… I’m gonna insult the BlackBerry makers now, is it’s harder to do those things so it’s got a more limited functionality, I think they call it.

Despite “downgrading his phone” to avoid negative remarks about himself, Mr Miliband insisted he is ‘thick-skinned’.

Mr Miliband said: ‘I plead guilty to being a geek. I’m proud.’

He claimed to have never been a member of a chess club or gone train spotting, but said he had a ‘big passion’ for the 1983 game he played on his ZX Spectrum computer.

I was brilliant. As I remember, there were 20 levels. I’m not sure I’m very good at hand-eye coordination but I was good at “Manic Miner”.

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