Watch BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s Interview at Code/Mobile

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen likes talking to the same people and the same places and during the week, he once again took to Code/Mobile for an interview.

In this interview, while he actually didn’t say too much that was new, he did say a few things that caught the media’s attention.

Chen had previously stated that he has a timetable to stop producing hardware but had not revealed what that timetable was.

In this interview he clarified that he company would consider exiting the handset business in a year if it’s not profitable.


Watch BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s Interview at Code/Mobile

“I’m in the handset business because I believe there’s value added and a market that is underserved,”

“Sometime next year we have to make our device business profitable, otherwise I have to rethink what I do there.”

When asked if he was stating that BlackBerry will provide the securest Android smartphone, he acknowledged the Blackphone as a viable security device and competition in this space:

“We’re probably the same level as Samsung’s Knox. The only other commercial phone that can say they have the same or better than us is maybe the BlackPhone.”

Both of these statements caused a bit of furore and, not for the first time, Chen took to BlackBerry’s blog to attempt to clarify what he meant.

Personally, I think he just reiterated what he had previously said, rather than clarify anything else.

You can now check out the full replay of his interview from Code/Mobile and make your own mind up on what he did or didn’t say.

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