BlackBerry Venice: BlackBerry’s Android Slider appears on Video

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As most people are aware, BlackBerry will be “shortly” releasing their very first Android smartphone and while BlackBerry remain publicly silent on the existence of the device, there have been numerous leaked renders and images showing off various aspects of the device.

For those BlackBerry users who stubbornly refuse to believe in the device’s existence, the first video of the Android powered BlackBerry Venice has now appeared online.

It is a short video and doesn’t delve into the device at any great level but is does show some of the basics.

The left side of the phone houses a power/lock button, while the right side has its volume buttons and a convenience key. On the top of the phone there is a microSD slot and a SIM slot. Finally, sliding up the Venice’s screen reveals its physical keyboard that can also be used as a trackpad.

Additional features include a dedicated camera button, and a microUSB port for charging the device. The Venice also includes a huge front-facing speaker on the bottom—right.

Google Now, Android’s personal assistant software, is present and accessible from the device’s home button with a touch gesture. The BlackBerry Hub and universal search can also be accessed with the same gesture. It is to soon to say whether this means that the Hub is merely an app or fully integrated into the OS as it is in BlackBerry 10.

T-Mobile’s My Account app icon is showing on the phone, leading to a natural conclusion that that the company will carry the device.

At some point in time, BlackBerry will eventually officially announce this device but it is worth remembering that this is an evaluation unit so things could look slightly different at launch.
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