Tizen surpasses BlackBerry becoming fourth largest smartphone OS during Q3 2015

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A new report from Strategy Analytics states that Tizen has surpassed BlackBerry to become the fourth largest smartphone operating system during Q3 2015.

Samsung has already claimed that Tizen is the 2nd largest smartphone operating system in India in the budget segment. With the Tizen Z3 arriving in 11 European countries this year, the popularity of this platform may just see another surge.

Tizen is a secure, open-source operating system and is Samsung’s initiative to construct an operating system of its own, and it’s being used on this year’s range of Samsung smart TVs, the Gear S2 smarwatch, and a couple of entry-level smartphone models. Those Tizen phones have apparently proven sufficiently alluring to generate greater sales than BlackBerry is achieving with all of its devices.

One reason for the Tizen numbers may simply be down to the fact that Tizen has active development.

Samsung is giving Tizen developers 100 percent of their app revenue, which encourages development on the platform. Various big-name apps are getting released on Tizen like the native Facebook app, VLC and MixRadio.

It will come as no surprise that the report from Strategy Analytics indicates that Microsoft, BlackBerry and Firefox have all “drifted down” in their market share, while demand for new iPhones has driven Apple up.

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