Jolla announces plans for ‘Sailfish Secure’

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Jolla partners with SSH Communications Security and invites others to join

Jolla today revealed plans for ‘Sailfish Secure’, a secure mobile phone platform based on Sailfish OS. Jolla partners with SSH Communications Security to develop the secure mobile phone solution ideal for government officials, corporations, and consumers.

With Sailfish Secure, the two Finnish companies, Jolla Ltd. and the market leader in security solutions, SSH Communications Security, are aiming to answer the increased demand in privacy in mobile communications. The solution will be based on a security-hardened version of the open and independent mobile operating system Sailfish OS, and SSH’s communication encryption and key management platform.

The Sailfish Secure project is based on the premise that currently there are no European alternatives for secure mobile communication to Android or other US based operating systems. This gives Jolla and Sailfish OS a unique position to enter the market and create an alternative solution to Android.

Customers for the solution can include government officials, and corporations needing a secure mobile solution. The aim is also to make the solution affordable for consumers.

Antti Saarnio, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Jolla comments:

“It is evident that the world needs a secure, transparent and open mobile solution alternative, which is not controlled by any country or major industry player. Together with leading security expert SSH Communications Security we are aiming to create an open European mobile solution running on Sailfish OS. We are also inviting other industry players to join the initiative.”

Tatu Ylönen, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of SSH Communications Security comments:

“Currently there is a rapidly growing customer need for secure mobile communication around the world and Jolla is in an ideal position to disrupt the market with the unique and independent Sailfish OS. We are excited to partner with Jolla in this remarkable initiative, aiming to develop a truly secure mobile solution with broad applicability.”

The Sailfish Secure approach will allow solution concept adaptation to e.g. local needs, and also collaboration with other security partners. End customers like governments or large corporations are able to adapt the solution to their preferred hardware platform, i.e. the solution is not tied to a specific hardware configuration.

Jolla and SSH Communications Security are presenting the Sailfish Secure project at Mobile World Congress 2015. Sessions are arranged on Tuesday 1.30pm and Wednesday 1.30pm at the Jolla booth 1F40, right
on the main isle of Hall 1.

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