Vodafone offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Gold as an exclusive

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Vodafone has announced an exclusive for the Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold. This will be an exclusive for the carrier from the April 11th release date.

The mobile operator will be taking pre-orders for the Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 starts March 28th.

James White, Samsung Mobile’s Head of IM Strategy & Mobile Product Marketing, said:

“I think design is still one of the most important purchase decision-makers that we hear from our consumers,” James says. “We’ve evolved the design with the Galaxy S5 so that it follows on naturally from the Galaxy S4 but, we’ve also introduced some new elements.

“We’ve focussed on a ‘modern glam’ look for our design inspiration for the new Galaxy S5. That’s represented in the four colours we’ve got available, as well as the introduction of texture.

“One of the key things for us is about not only delivering a product that’s beautiful and has the best design we can possibly deliver, it also needs to be functional. I think that’s one of the big learnings with the Galaxy S5: we’ve got a stunningly designed product that’s also really functional. It’s IP67 rated – meaning water and dust resistant – and it’s much more ‘life-proof’ than ever before, which we know is important for our consumers.”

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold Vodafone offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Gold as an exclusive
With the exclusive color, Vodafone customers will have a total of four color options including Copper Gold, Charcoal Black, Electric Blue and Shimmering White.
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