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Leaked: BlackBerry 10 Lisbon Specifications

So far we know of the L-Series, N-Series, and a reported R-Series. We also know so far that RIM plans on releasing a total of six BlackBerry 10′s throughout the 2013 calendar, but the amount under its designated letter have yet to be calculated.

RIM Wins Court Ruling on BBM Brand

In the middle of a dismal week, RIM can point to at least one victory – this time, in court. RIM has won a Federal Court case over its use of the BBM acronym to describe its popular BlackBerry Messenger software. The lawsuit was filed by BBM Canada, a broadcast industry group that traces the BBM trademark back more than 60 years. The case could have had cataclysmic repercussions on RIM’s brand had the court not ruled in the company’s favour. The BlackBerry Messenger software is one of…