Titanium Transportation to Equip Entire Fleet with BlackBerry Radar

Rapid John
Posted on December 21, 2016, 10:01 pm
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Titanium Transportation has announced Wednesday it is integrating BlackBerry Radar into its entire fleet of trailers to boost efficiencies, increase revenue per trailer and improve profitability.

BlackBerry Radar is an Internet of Things (IoT)-based system that monitors the location of trailers via GPS and delivers custom, real-time alerts about events such as when a truck has crossed a user-defined area or when a trailer door has opened or closed. BlackBerry Radar also monitors temperature, humidity and the presence of cargo and provides real-time information on an intuitive, secure and easy to use interface.

Derek Kuhn, senior vice president, BlackBerry IoT states,

“BlackBerry Radar with its advanced sensing and communication technologies, as well as cloud-based analytics dashboards, produces near realtime actionable information to fleet managers about the status and location of their trailers and the goods they are carrying. Furthermore, with its state-of-the-art security technologies, it gives trucking companies like Titanium a peace of mind that their data is secure. BlackBerry Radar encrypts all transmitted data and authenticates device and cloud endpoints. We are excited about Titanium’s decision to choose BlackBerry Radar, and look forward to a long-term relationship between our two companies.”

iPhone X Titanium Transportation to Equip Entire Fleet with BlackBerry Radar

Mr. Ted Daniel, CEO of Titanium commented:

“BlackBerry Radar will provide Titanium with better utilization of trailers, which will result in better revenue per trailer and improved profitability. The technology is highly innovative and stood out amongst its competitors. We are excited to be one of the first to take advantage of their new asset tracking solution and look forward to growing with BlackBerry.”

Titanium is a leading asset-based transportation and logistics company servicing Canada and the United States, with approximately 400 power units, over 1,300 trailers and approximately 500 employees and independent owner operators.

Titanium provides truckload, dedicated, and cross-border trucking services, freight logistics, and warehousing and distribution to over 1,000 customers.
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