Google Play Store Resources now available for BlackBerry Developers

Rapid John
Posted on November 11, 2015, 4:56 pm
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BlackBerry have announced a new Build for Google Play Store page has been added to the BlackBerry Developer Zone Website.

With the BlackBerry Priv now available (in some countries at least) it is full steam ahead as BlackBerry try to get BlackBerry developers to develop for Android.

A lot of the information provided will already be known by Android developers but this is aimed at BlackBerry developers who have not developed for Android before and don’t even have a Google Play publisher account.

In these sections BlackBerry developers can learn:

iPhone X Google Play Store Resources now available for BlackBerry Developers

Get started with Google Play – Start publishing on Google Play in minutes by:

  • Registering for a Google Play publisher account
  • Setting up a Google payments merchant account, if you will sell apps or in-app products
  • Exploring the Google Play Developer Console and publishing tools

Leverage Google Play services – Take advantage of the latest Google technologies through a single set of APIs, delivered across Android devices worldwide as part of Google Play services.

Utilize the Google Play Developer Help Center – Get what you need like:

  • New to the Google Play Developer Console? Learn the basics
  • Google Play Apps Policy Center
  • Add developer account users & manage permissions
  • Supported locations for distribution to Google Play users
  • Supported locations for developer & merchant registration
  • Additional resources

Of course, BlackBerry developers will more than likely be interested in targeting the BlackBerry Priv with their apps and an overview of the BlackBerry PRIV, and how developers can take advantage of unique BlackBerry features in the apps they create is available.

Arguably, this information should have been provided to developers prior to the Priv’s release in order for them to have apps ready but the information is better late than never.

Android Development Knowledge Base

  • PRIV by BlackBerry – AVD (Simulator)
  • PRIV by BlackBerry – Capacitive Keyboard
  • PRIV by BlackBerry – Slider

While BlackBerry state that the site is complete, at the time of publishing a lot of links don’t work.

Developers can check out the new Android Apps for Google Play here.

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