BlackBerry teams up with Slack for BlackBerry UEM integration

Rapid John
Posted on August 08, 2017, 9:12 pm
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BlackBerry has announced that they have teamed up with Slack to integrate BlackBerry UEM with Slack. Through their membership in AppConfig, BlackBerry has formed partnerships with many developers and organizations.

Chris Hazelton states,

“Integrating BlackBerry UEM with Slack through AppConfig will allow our clients to deploy and manage it alongside our Dynamics-secured apps, including BlackBerry Work, 80+ ISV apps, and 4,000+ custom apps developed through our SDKs. As a recognized leader in mobile application management, BlackBerry’s security expertise ensures you can equip your employees with everything they need to stay connected and productive – without worrying about compromising your data.”

“Transforming your business requires more than a few innovative ideas. It requires hard work and skilled software developers. Moreover, it requires a partner with a flexible portfolio, extensive expertise, and dedication to its clients.”

iPhone X BlackBerry teams up with Slack for BlackBerry UEM integration

Slack now integrates with 21 EMM providers including MobileIron, VMware Airwatch, and now BlackBerry.

Rapid John

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