BlackBerry and Appdome Extend App Functionality for Developers and Enterprises

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BlackBerry and Appdome have announced they have enhanced capabilities to enable developers and enterprises to apply rich app-level security controls of BlackBerry Dynamics to existing apps without writing a single line of code. This enables enterprises and developers to seamlessly integrate SDKs to their applications in a matter of minutes.

The new capabilities from AppFusion allows BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs to include secure browsing, secure email and enhanced VoIP Support.

Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome said,

“Appdome is becoming the mobile integration platform of choice for the enterprise mobility industry, and we are excited to expand our offerings with BlackBerry. Not only does AppFusion democratize access to BlackBerry’s powerful technology, it allows enterprises to extend the functionality of their Apps beyond the native functionality of the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK, taking advantage of other BlackBerry and Appdome services,”

BlackBerry and Appdome Extend App Functionality for Developers and Enterprises

Appdome’s AppFusion platform enables the rapid integration of multiple third-party functions to apps, shortening the deployment cycle and connecting mobile apps to other services on demand. The codeless service operates as a mobile integration workflow in the cloud, and allows users to perform integration projects on the final application package. No source code or development expertise is required. Likewise, no modifications to an app or an SDK are required to complete integration projects on the AppFusion platform.

The solution is currently used by the world’s leading financial, healthcare and e-commerce companies to support productivity, compliance and security for consumers and employees.

Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions, BlackBerry said,

“With extended support from Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics, our customers have more flexibility to easily integrate, use, protect and manage their enterprise apps,”

“We have an expansive ecosystem and continue to invest in strategic partnerships with industry leaders and ISVs that allow us to evolve our offerings.”

The new customized capabilities from AppFusion allow the BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs to work in more environments with four advanced features:

  • The Secure Browsing option ensures that links within the app are opened using BlackBerry Access secure browser instead of the native browser resource. Appdome’s Dynamic Function Scheduler (DFS) ensures that the app “understands” when to invoke the BlackBerry Access secure browser.
  • In-App Secured Email allows the sending of emails, including emails in HTML and emails with attachments, using BlackBerry Work.
  • Adaptive App Routing allows a developer to make the BlackBerry Access SDK bypass the BlackBerry Access gateway to facilitate state-less UDP-class connection to operate effectively for VoIP applications.
  • Nested Filesystems support allows apps that utilize nested filesystems & folders to precisely leverage the BlackBerry container

BlackBerry Dynamics delivers a foundation for secure enterprise mobility by offering an advanced, mature development platform and container for mobile apps. BlackBerry Dynamics is designed to eliminate the risk of data leakage by delivering proven security at the app level. It is also extensible to support a vast and ever-changing set of apps, workflows, and business processes.

To learn more about the AppFusion platform with Appdome’s mobile security suite or to request a demo, visit here.

BlackBerry and Appdome are hosting a joint demo-driven webinar showcasing these enhanced capabilities on Wednesday, Feb. 15; at 1 p.m. EST.
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