Aaron Lalvani joins BlackBerry as senior director of business development, IoT

Rapid John
Posted on August 22, 2015, 4:09 am
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Aaron Lalvani has joined BlackBerry as senior director of business development, IoT. He will be responsible for product management and business development‎ for BlackBerry’s asset tracking solution in the global transportation sector.

Lalvani states:

“In my role at BlackBerry, I bring compelling and unique IoT solutions to the transportation sector. BlackBerry’s asset tracking products are designed for high value, highly mobile transport assets and fleets, such as containers and trailers.

Providing organizations with data and visibility on their operations allows for greater efficiently in planning and scheduling fleets, balancing rental vs. lease or purchase decisions, developing more precise delivery and pick up schedules, and calculating dwell times. BlackBerry has vertically integrated all of the elements needed to provide customers with a complete solution that is simple to deploy and easy to maintain.”

KEYone Full Aaron Lalvani joins BlackBerry as senior director of business development, IoT

According to BlackBerry, Lalvani brings 18 years of transportation experience in the areas of ground, road, and rail transport, and sales and logistics consulting expertise to BlackBerry’s IoT team.

Prior to joining BlackBerry, he was executive director at Cross Canada Logistics for 8and a half years and Conlog (a freight consortium of shippers), and was president of Lalvani Group, a logistics consulting firm, for seventeen years.

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