KineMaster 3.0 Launches Global Beta Test Event on July 3rd

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Kinemaster 3.0 beta KineMaster 3.0 Launches Global Beta Test Event on July 3rdKineMaster, a premium video editing application for Android, is launching a global beta test event from July 3rd to gather real user feedback on this major update prior to the official release.

KineMaster is considered one of the most outstanding Android video editors because it allows the convenient creation of high-quality video with professional touches from video taken on mobile devices. Thanks to enthusiastic user response, this application was not only highlighted as a prestigious Korean app, it has also been featured by Google Play in over 150 nations worldwide, and has been recommended as a vital video editing application for Android by various media outlet reviews.

The newly updated KineMaster 3.0 has been extensively redesigned to reflect the latest in Android trends while maintaining the existing ease in editing. The addition and refinement of various effects, such as introducing the concept of layers for stickers and text in video clips, further enhances the flexibility of this dynamic mobile video editor.

This beta test is an invaluable opportunity to learn from the various experiences of real users in advance of the official release of KineMaster 3.0, and in thanks, beta testers will also be eligible for one of 300 promotion codes allowing the free use of advanced functions normally only available by subscription in the official 3.0 version.

Users wishing to participate in the beta test may download and use the beta version by applying to the KineMaster 3.0 Beta Tester Community.

The beta test will run for approximately two weeks, and the details such as the end date will be shared separately through the Community.

Along with the rapid growth of multi-channel network (MCN) services, including YouTube, the need for video content creators to produce professional quality videos within a relatively short period of time to attract ever more subscribers to their channels is only increasing. The updated KineMaster 3.0 is expected to become a powerful video editing platform alternative for producing video content.

KineMaster also plans to expand their whole video editing platform, introducing store items that offer efficient sourcing of everything necessary for video editing, such as future themes, effects, filters, fonts, audio, and stickers

KineMaster 3.0 is planning an official worldwide update through Google Play in late July, after the beta test ends and development is finalized.
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