BlackBerry Worklife Data separates data used by corporate and personal applications

Rapid John
Posted on July 26, 2017, 3:58 pm
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BlackBerry WorkLife Data automates eimbursements for employees by clearly separating data used by corporate and personal applications.

BlackBerry WorkLife Data is the split billing solution that offers corporate data expense  management and data usage visibility for enterprises. It provides automated  reimbursements, allowing you to eliminate time-consuming, complex, often imprecise reimbursement programs. BlackBerry WorkLife Data clearly and seamlessly  separates data used by corporate applications from data used by personal applications.

With a simple, one-step process, you can enable the solution on any device managed by BlackBerry® Dynamics. The solution also works on apps managed by other EMM vendors that use VPNs to secure device communications. This removes any confusion when it comes to billing and reimbursement. To fully automate the expense submission process, BlackBerry
WorkLife Data integrates with leading expense management systems.

With BlackBerry WorkLife Data’s built-in advanced analytics feature, you can monitor
employees’ work-related data usage from a simple console—without visibility into users’
personal lives. Balancing visibility with privacy, this capability provides detailed reports of cellular data usage for each user, including individual app usage over time, data consumed while roaming, top consumers, and past and current consumption.

The advanced analytics feature allows you to gain insight into your employees’ cellular
consumpltion via data reports.

Automate BYOD Reimbursements
BlackBerry WorkLife Data’s reimbursement feature accurately facilitates reimbursements for work activity on employee devices. It covers all charges that are incurred from data usage on corporate approved applications. This feature eliminates the need for employees to waste time on complex reimbursement programs and ensures that you’re not overcompensating employees for costs associated with personal usage. Costs are kept as low as possible.

Apply Policies and Rules on Coporate Data Usage
With BlackBerry WorkLife Data, you get complete control over employees’ data usage for business apps – where they use data, when, and how much. From a simple console, enterprise administrators can selectively apply rules and policies for work applications – without affecting personal apps – allowing for a complete separation of work and personal usage.

BlackBerry Worklife Data separates data used by corporate and personal applications

Avoid Overcompensating for Corporate Data
With BlackBerry WorkLife Data’s automated reimbursement feature, you can reduce your mobility costs and/or stipends through the simplicity of split billing. BlackBerry WorkLife Data ensures that payment to employees is based on actual work usage, not estimates. It fully automates the expense submission of work data usage for employees, so you know you are only paying for corporate data.

With advanced analytics built into BlackBerry WorkLife Data, you are provided with a detailed understanding of how much data is being used by your employees for work. Your organization can leverage this insight to adjust stipend policies or eliminate complex reimbursement programs – and avoid overpaying employees for corporate data.

BlackBerry WorkLife Data increases productivity in a BYOD environment by eliminating users’ worry about being billed for work charges on their personal plan. With BlackBerry WorkLife Data, users know that all charges incurred from work-related activity (calls, texts, and corporate app usage) will be taken care of by the enterprise, so they can work on mobile with confidence. Since reimbursements are automated, they no longer have to waste time reclaiming expenses. This enables users to save time and be more productive while building trust and transparency within the organization.

BlackBerry WorkLife Data is easy to deploy. It is cloud-based and carrier-independent, so setup is minimal. Deployment is fast and easy, with low IT TCO. From a simple console, enterprise administrators can selectively apply rules and policies for work applications – without affecting personal apps – allowing for a complete separation of work and personal usage. Many enterprises have already invested in EMM applications or BlackBerry Dynamics applications, so IT can easily leverage these existing investments to incorporate split billing for employee data use. Deploying BlackBerry WorkLife Data does not require any additional mobile device installations, so you can automate expense management right away.

Together, WorkLife Persona and WorkLife Data offer better user privacy, a great user experience, and total visibility into where and how work devices are being used. By creating a separate corporate identity and walling off corporate voice, text and data from personal apps, BlackBerry increases productivity by eliminating employee concerns about being billed for work charges on their personal plans. Employees can work on mobile with confidence, and you can eliminate one of the final roadblocks to BYOD.

rapidmobile BlackBerry Worklife Data separates data used by corporate and personal applications
rapidmobile BlackBerry Worklife Data separates data used by corporate and personal applications

Version: 4.0.12
Updated: July 25, 2017
Category: Business
Price: Free
Requirements: Android 5.0 +
Developer: BlackBerry
Contains Ads: No
In-app Purchases: No

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