BlackBerry Services app for Priv receives a bug fix update

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BlackBerry have released an update to the BlackBerry Services app for the BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry Services is the foundation upon which all of the  BlackBerry applications on the Priv are built.

Nearly all of the BlackBerry produced apps on the Priv require BlackBerry Services to operate.

The app provides both enhanced security and improved productivity.


Key Features:

  • Enjoy a more consistent experience across your BlackBerry applications, including common menus that allow you to open items in other BlackBerry applications.
  • Manages the data for all BlackBerry Productivity Suite applications, providing secure and efficient access to your most critical data. This includes the sync logic that obtains your data from the Internet, seamlessly keeping your device up-to-date.
  • Delivers an enhanced level of security, by partitioning your applications into Work and Personal perimeters.

Updated: January 27, 2016
Category: Productivity
Price: Free
Requirements: Android 5.0 +
Developer: BlackBerry
In-app Products: No

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